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Do you have a smart phone? Do you want to send us your posts RIGHT AWAY? Of coarse you do, after all you want to claim your points so that you can go after that PRIZE!

Just use your smart phone to email your story or picture to Include the following:

  • A subject (We will use the subject line in your e-mail for your post)
  • Description of what the picture is of (rude parking, your lunch,¬†graffiti, a fortune cookie fortune etc…)
  • Any additional information that will make your post much more AWESOME

You will receive an email letting you know when:

  • Your post was received
  • Your post was approved
  • Your post was published

Then all you have to do is tell all of your friends to vote on your pictures or posts so that you earn more and more and more points. Click HERE to see what points can get you. Here is a hint: A LOT OF COOL STUFF!

It's what's for lunch