Why Sell With Us?

Why sell your products with us?

One reason is that your products will be shown to people who use any of our sites.  When a visitor views any page, products in our shopping system will be displayed as ads.  And when a visitor goes to browse our shopping system, all of your products appear there as well.
In addition, your customers can pay less for the products by using points to reduce the price (they can even get it for free!) but your profits will not be reduced – you get paid the same whether or not they use points on their purchase.

How can we promise this?

When a customer buys your merchandise (digital or physical) from our shopping cart, your customer can use points they earned by performing tasks on our sites.  Tasks include uploading pictures to theme-based sites, voting on other people’s submissions, writing comments, referring friends, and other activities to be involved in the site.  Things they already come to the site to do. To read more on how earning points works, click HERE.

What are these points you speak of?

Our points system (patent pending)(not really) allows the customer to reduce the cart total by applying points towards a purchase. This allows YOU to take 100% of the agreed upon profit while allowing your customers to buy your item at a lower price.

What is an example of this?

You are selling your latest album on Amazon for $9.99, of which you get $7.00.  Sound familiar?  Now, let’s say one of your fans is also one of ours and has $3.00 worth of points with us. They could now buy your album for $6.99 BUT you’d still get your $7.00. This is a huge incentive for your fans as well as ours.

We take care of 97% of everything, meaning that all we need from you is the price you want to sell your album for, the cover-art for your album and any other pertinent information.